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Cruzr Antiepidemic Robot

Art. no.: 1450
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Cruzr is a 4-ft. tall advanced self-driving humanoid robot capable of complex
actions and interactions with humans. This version of Cruzr allows
body-temperature measurement and screening and mask detection at
a rate of 60 people per minute. It also offers remote video calls with staff.
It's currently used to fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dimensions: 1195 x 521 x 516mm
Weight: 45kg
Color: white and silver
Material: Plastic and Aluminiuml
Battery: 20 Ah, 24 V
Screen: 11,6“-Touchscreen
Camera: 13 MP HD (Photo), 1080 p (Video)
Speaker: Stereo-Speaker, 3 x 2 Zoll, Output 2 x 6 W
- MIC Array 6+0 Sensor in Head covering 3-5 meters
- 1 TOF Sensor
- 1 RGDB Sensor (camera with Depth perception, Sonar Sensor)
- 1 Lidar-Sensor, 6 Sonar-Sensors, 12 IR-Sensors
Movement axis:
Head: 1 DOF
Arm: 6 x 2 DOF (l / r)
Hands: 1 DOF per hand
Bottom: 1 3 DOF
Chassis: 2 driver wheel, 2 slave omni-directional wheels
Programming: Java und ROS
OS: Android 5.1 und ROS
Speed: 0,3 m/s (normal speed); 1 m/s (highest speed)
Netzwork: WiFi 2,4 Ghz / 5G / 4G mobile network (optionally)
Accessoires: 1 docking station, 1 Flight-case, 1 power supply, 1 manual
Areas of application:

- Guide in Museum
- Salesperson in Shops
- Respondent in airports, busstations and railwaystations
- personal assistant
- Waiter in restaurants
- Receptionist in banks, hotels usw.
- Hospitals