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esave Zhaga Hub mit GPS

Art. no.: 802578
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esave SLC-Hub102 GPS V2.01 EU
Strassenlampen-Steuerung inkl. Gehäuse 80mm und Schmutzzunge

Zhaga is an industry-wide consortium aiming to standardize specifications for interfaces between LED luminaires and light engines. The aim is to permit interchangeability between products made by different manufacturers. The esave SLC-Hub102 can be operated in combination with any luminaire, which is equipped with the RECEPTACLE ASSEM., LUMAWISE ENDURANCE S socket from TE connectivity (TE Part Number: 2213858-1).

- Fully configurable dim profiles by time, weekdays and/or sensor inputs
- Automatically organizing wireless mesh network ? AES encrypted wireless communication ? Wirelessly configurable and updateable
- Automatic adjustment of daylight and standard saving time ? Automatic wireless distribution of date/time
- Dimming Interface DALI and DALI-2, supports various industry standard LED drivers ? Optional support for motion sensors ? Integrated temperature and twilight sensor ? Energy usage determination ? Configurable distribution of twilight sensor and motion detection values
- Low power consumption ? Support for active monitoring and protection of LED temperature ? Configurable LED luminous flux compensation over lifetime (LFC)
- Easy to use software for on-site configuration and controlling ? Optional integration into a web based management and control application with on-site gateway devices
- Tilt sensor for detecting a position change of the node